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Legal Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the area of law that arranges the transfer of your property either during your lifetime, upon your death, or after your death.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law provides legal remedies in the event you or your property are physically or mentally harmed due to an act or a failure to act by someone

Business Law

Business Law (Also known as Corporate Law) deals with the starting, operating, and financing of a for profit entity as recognized by the state in which it is located and the United States

Trademark & Copyright

A trademark is any word, name, symbol, or design, or any combination thereof, used in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from those of another and to indicate the source of the goods

Regulation CF Crowdfunding

Regulation CF refers to the set of rules and forms that will implement securities crowdfunding in the United States.

Contract Drafting & Disputes

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. A contract provides details of what the parties agree to perform or exchange.

Contract Disputes & Debt Collection

When it comes to collecting on a defaulted loan agreement or debt collection, navigating the legal system can be challenging