Thomas Legal Center, PLLC (also known as “TLC”) is a law office headquartered in Miami, Florida, owned and operated by Principal Attorney Michael J. Thomas, ESQ.  I was born and raised in South Florida and have served this community in a variety of capacities spanning across two decades. It was my passion for the people of the great state of Florida that prompted me to return to home following a successful academic and professional stint in Washington, D.C., with the goal of using my knowledge and skill set for the betterment of the South Florida community and the communities throughout the state.

TLC is dedicated to the pursuit of justice, opportunity, and the personal and professional success of our clients. We firmly believe that every client should receive the very highest level of candor, care, and regard before, during, and after our legal representation. The professional victories of this firm are only surpassed by the relationships forged with our diverse clientele, and their level of satisfaction with the work done on their behalf. Every client’s issue is treated as if it were our own because it is. This perspective assures us that clients will leave our office feeling satisfied with our work and fulfilled by the results.

Here at TLC, we rest assured that our foundational and core values are our greatest asset in bringing new clients into the family. We are profoundly aware that the hard work and good-faith efforts of the firm will have a significant impact on the health, happiness, and financial security of our clients and the community as a whole and we relish this responsibility.

It is our duty and honor to serve our clients in their moments of need, whether with our legal expertise, or with our time and compassion. We do so with a dedication to excellence, responsiveness, consideration, and always with a sense of humble appreciation for the trust placed upon us by those who call upon our services.


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